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The dental clinic

The dental clinic DioDent is an up-to-date healthcare facility located at the very heart of one of the most elegant and charming Neapoletan quarters just within the walking distance from the Linea 2 underground stop 'Piazza Amedeo'.
The dental clinic

The dental clinic DioDent is an up-to-date healthcare facility located at the very heart of one of the most elegant and charming Neapoletan quarters just within the walking distance from the Linea 2 underground stop 'Piazza Amedeo'.
At our patients' disposal there are three treatment rooms, furnished with the top-quality German-made Sirona's equipment, and the international highly-qualified team of professionals, working exclusively with the standardised materials and thoroughly following clinical guidelines and hygiene protocols. Apart from the dental treatments, varying from those of general dentistry to the dental-implant surgery,the clinic provides a wide range of highly innovative and safe facial aesthetic treatments.


Every dental treatment at the dental clinic
DioDent guarantees the respect of the
following quality standards

Careful sterilisation and disinfection of every product and surface used in dentistry.

Use of the high-quality standardised materials in conformity with the law.

Execution by a qualified specialist present on the medical register.

Takes into account the patient's state of health (age, sex, pregnancy/breastfeeding).

The duration of the guarantee period for different treatments:

Fillings/restorations in resin-based composites – 3 years (with exclusion of damages like caries or fractures occurred afterthe treatment);

Fixed dental prostheses – 5 years on crowns, bridgeworks, ceramic prosthesis (with exclusion of cases of traumas/accidents or lack of care on the patient's part;

Dental implant – 5 years (titanium implants, no-smokers only).
Conservative dentistry: fillings, restorations, endodontics (root canal treatments)
Such treatments are applied to cure and preserve the teeth. Alongside with different level complexity dental fillings aesthetic dental restorations are also available. Restorations are close imitations of the natural tooth look, often reinforced through the use of the dowels. Canal roots treatments accompanied by devitalisation become necessary when the inflammation spreads up to the dental pulp, sometimes causing severe complications such as abscesses and granulomas.
Prostheses: fixed, mobile and partially mobile

When there is a necessity for restoration of the functionality and natural look of a heavily damaged masticatory apparatus, the prostheses represent a valid solution. For every single case the DioDent's specialists can choose a right option among fixed dental prostheses (crowns in metal ceramic and in zirconia ceramic, on the implants as well; bridges), mobile and partially mobile prosthetic solutions.
The X-Rays unit Orthophos Sirona in use at DioDent enables us to reach the maximum precision of the digital diagnostic exams in 2D and 3D while keeping low the radiation level.

Dental surgery

Tooth extractions
Sometimes it is necessary to remove teeth (also those impacted in the jaw), to carry out apicoectomy and cystotomy surgery...
Dental implant surgery
Tooth roots of the missing teeth can be replaced with titanium screw-like posts, known as endo-osseous implants...
Periodontium is the specialised system of hard and soft tissues that supports the teeth and maintains their position....
This innovative and minimally invasive technique is widely used in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery to cut mineralised bone selectively...
Dental cleaning and professional whitening

Professional hygiene and prevention
Aesthetic look of the teeth is one of our patients' major concerns. Periodical dental cleaning treatments are important not only for keeping teeth and oral cavity perfectly clean, they are essential to prevent tooth decay and gum disease being the bacterial plaque accumulation responsible for development of such conditions.

Air Flow®
The Air Flow is a handpiece nozzle used to deliver a controlled stream of specially processed powders by using compressed air and water pressure to remove biofilm and stains on the front and back of teeth cleaning and polishing them.

Professional in-office teeth whitening
The teeth colour is subject to many factors, such as natural ageing exposing yellowish dentin under the outer enamel layer that is becoming thinner, and chromogens present in food causing teeth to change colour.

Professional take-home teeth whitening
At DioDent clinic a take-home option for teeth bleaching is also available, under supervision of our dentist.

Orthodontics and gnathology

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with correction of malocclusion and malpositioned teeth and jaws...
An alternative to the traditional fixed orthodontic devices. Almost invisible removable aligners gradually move and straighten teeth...
Gnathology (gnathos is 'jaw' in Greek) is a part of dentistry studying and curing disfunctions and disorders originated....
Podoscopic examination
A podoscope is a diagnostic and evaluative tool used for postural analyse and evaluation...
Facial aesthetics of the lower third in dentistry
A patient whose smile has been improved by dental treatments such as restorations, prostheses or orthodontic ones, often asks for a further step towards enhancement of facial beauty. The relationship between the soft tissues of the lower third of a face and the denture is crucial to perception of facial aesthetics. To meet such needs a use of filler may be required to reduce nasolabial folds and perioral wrinkles, to increase the lips volume or to correct an asymmetry. At DioDent the dental treatment plan can be enriched with the use of filler, botulinum toxin and biorevitalization techniques in order to improve the overall aesthetics of the perioral area.

Minimally invasive dental aesthetics

Spaces between the teeth (diastemas), irregular shape, permanent spots and fractures are among the problems that can be solved with...
Snap-On Smile®
The clinic has an arrangement with DenMat Italia, the only laboratory in Europe qualified to produce a revolutionary medical device Snap-On Smile, invented in the...
  • Pediatric dentistry
Pediatric dentistry (pedodontics) deals with the dental care of our little patients. It is recommended that a child be visited by a dentist as soon as his first teeth erupt and baby teeth be necessarily cured in order to prevent future malocclusions and misalignment teeth issues as a consequence of a premature tooth loss. Dental sealants are a thin coating of a plastic layer applied on the chewing surface of back teeth and molars to protect them from cavities.

  • Icon Resin Infiltration
Early carious lesions progression can be blocked with this minimally invasive restoring treatment, painless, gentle, not implying drilling and unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue. After the etching treatment aiming to remove the outer enamel layer, the tooth surface is dried and the application of the infiltrant follows. The material soaks for capillary action thoroughly filling in the lesion.
Price list DioDent
Examination/Consultation – 50€ (free with any treatment)

X-Rays – 30€

Dental Cone Beam CT – from 90€

Dental impressions/Study models – 150€

Podoscopic examination – 150€

Conservative Dentistry
Fillings – from 80€

Restorations – from 150€

Root canal treatment – from 100€

Metal ceramic crown – from 550€

Zirconia ceramic crown – from 650€

Veneer – 700€

Lumineer® – 800€

Dentures – from 1500€

Snap-On Smile device – from 1000€

Tooth extraction – from 80€

Wisdom tooth extraction – from 150€

Impacted wisdom tooth extraction – from 250€

Endo-osseous implant – from 800€

Dental Cleaning and Whitening
Professional dental cleaning (scale, Air Flow®, polishing) – from 100€

In-office teeth whitening – 400€

Take-home teeth whitening – 250€

Root planing with Piezosurgery® – from 400€

Orthodontics and Gnathology
Traditional braces (one jaw) – from 1000€

Invisalign – from 6000€

Bite (bruxism/TMJ) – from 600€

Pediatric Dentistry
Fillings – 50€

Fissure sealant – 50€

Baby tooth extraction – from 50€

Pulpotomy – 70€

Icon resin infiltration – from 80€

Facial aesthetics of the lower third in dentistry
Computer skin analysis/personalised consulting – 65€

Biorevitalization (makeup removal, anaesthesia if required*, treatment – 2ml syring included) – 150€

Facial shaping and contouring/nasolabial folds/lips with a Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid Deep Filler (makeup removal, anaesthesia if required*, treatment – 1ml syringe included) – 350€

Mesotherapy (makeup removal, anaesthesia if required*, treatment – ampoule included) - 85€

Threadlifting (makeup removal, anaesthesia if required*, treatment) – from 250€ (10 threads)

Botox (makeup removal, anaesthesia if required*, treatment) – 350€ (50 units)

Non-injective Biorevitalization (makeup removal, anaesthesia if required*, treatment – double application) – 150€

Facial shaping and contouring/"barcode" lines/nasolabial folds/lips with a Soft Hyaluronic Acid Filler (makeup removal, anaesthesia if required, treatment – 1ml syringe included) – 180€

*at an additional cost

Dr. Olena T. Nazarko
2nd Level University Master Degree in Endodontics, "Sapienza" University of Rome
2nd Level University Master Degree in Oral Implantology, The Second University of Naples (SUN)
Postgraduate Course in Occlusion and Posturology, The Second University of Naples (SUN)

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